General Terms and Conditions / Accommodation rules


Operator of Demänová Rezort:

IČO: 46969462

IBAN: SK5375000000004026757085

Company is registered in Commercial register of District Court in Žilina, section: Sro, insert No. 58482/L (further as „Operator”)

1. Introductory provisions

a) Providing of accommodation, catering and other services to clients and accommodation of clients in Demänová Rezort is governed by generally binding legal regulations, valid in territory of Slovak Republic and by these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as „Terms“, which are also the rules of accommodation. Client agrees to follow Terms as contractural condition to be accommodated in Demänová Rezort and use of the services provided by Operator and is obliged to comply with their

b) Terms are published at reception desk of Demänová Rezort and also on the web page of

c) Operator reserves the right to change unilateral provisions of Terms, with the change of Terms to be effective from the date of their publication on the website and at the reception of

2. General Terms and Conditions

a) These Terms apply to accommodation agreements in Demänová Rezort, rental agreements for accommodation facilities and other facilities in Demänová Rezort for events and event arrangements for rental, as well all the other services provided to client by Operator. Other business and contractual conditions will be applied for relationship of Operator and client only if agreed in advance in written form by both contracting parties.

b) Accommodation agreement between Operator and client is based on written confirmation, oral or in written form submitted request for reservation of accommodation by client in Demänová Rezort. Accommodation agreement is concluded for limited period of

c) Contracting parties are Operator and client. When ordering accommodation or other services by third party, that person is liable to the Operator together with client as joint debtor for all the obligations arising from this

d) Any rental or further (additional) rental of rooms of facilities of Demänová Rezort, as well as their use for purpose, different than accommodation or for purposes other than agreed by contract, prior written consent of Operator is required to be

3. Terms for providing accommodation services to clients

a) Operator accommodates in resort only the client that is fully registered for accommodation. Client legitimates himself at the reception of resort immediately upon arrival. To legitimate himself, client is obliged to present identity card – personal ID card, passport or any other valid identity document pursuant to Act. No. 253/1998 Coll. about Reporting of residence for citizens of Slovak Republic in Register of Citizens of Slovak Republic as amended and pursuant to Act. 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data as amended.

b) Any client who is not citizen of Slovak Republic, is obliged in accordance with 404/2011 Coll. about foreigners´ residence to fill in and provide to responsible reception clerc official form for the reporting of stay to the foreign police, submitted to client upon arrival.

c) All required data is client obliged to provide in honest, complete and accurate

d) Reservation can be made on your own behalf or for the benefit of a third party. Registration and issuing room keys can only be made in the presence of the person in whose name the reservation is

e) Operator provides in resort to accommodated clients services in full extent as per decree of Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic No. 277/2008 Coll., that defines classification characteristics for accommodation facilities in their classification into categories and

f) In exceptional cases may also Operator offers to client different accommodation than agreed unless substantially different from the accommodation agreed in confirmed

g) Unless agreed different with client, the client is provided with booked accommodation in resort from 00 (2pm) for apartments and from 15:00 (3pm) for Cottages Deluxe with sauna. on the day of arrival of client. Client has no legal right to use reserved accommodation in resort earlier.

h) In the event of shortcomings of the provided accommodation, or supplementary service shall the client apply the right to make a complaint without undue delay. After the expiry of the warranty period, the right of complaint lapses. (The client in the application of the complaint shall submit the proof of payment of the services which errors )

i) Accommodation used by client must be released and handed over to Operator by client on agreed departure day no later than 10.00 (10am).

j) Accommodation is considered released and handed over by client to Operator only after client takes all his belongings, hands over the keys to responsible person at resort reception and informs him about checking out of resort. Operator reserves the right to check the room inventory, payment and possible consumption of client within one hour of client´s release and handover of the room. Price list of damages and the inventory is available at the reception desk. In the case of loss of the entrance card/keys from the accommodation client will be charged a fee for the loss of 5,00€/piece!

k) Reserved type of accommodation that was not checked in and taken by client by 00 (10pm) on agreed day of client´s arrival, may be leased by the Operator to third party. This is not the case if late arrival of client was expressly agreed between Operator and client. In case of pre- arranged arrival after 22.00 (10pm) Operator is entitled to charge client fee for late arrival in amount of 20€.

l) If client request from Operator to extend the agreed time of accommodation, Operator may offer him another type of accommodation for a different price than the one which the client was originally accommodated in. Client is not entitled to accommodation in accommodation facility where he was originally accommodated or to another type of accommodation in resort if due to capacity or operational reasons of resort i tis not possible to provide accommodation to client.

m) The client is entitled to use the services of the resort only in the event that he/she agrees with the Terms. The client is advised in his own interest, to acquaint themselves with these Terms and conditions prior to making a reservation. The client is obliged to always familiarize yourself with the current wording of the Terms. By confirming a reservation, the client confirms that the terms and conditions and their annexes have read, agrees with them and undertakes to follow

4. Payment for provided services

a) Pricelist of services provided by Operator is available at the reception of resort and also on website of

b) Price of recreational stay in Demänová Rezort includes: price of accommodation, parking, wi- fi connection and camera surveillance system in

c) Price of recreational stay in Demänová Rezort does not include: accommodation tax/local spa fee – to be paid at reception upon arrival in amount of 1,00€/night/per adult and child over 12 years.

d) Upon valid registration is Operator entitled to claim from client advance payment of 100% of total amount to be paid within 24 hours of booking confirmation. However – no later than 48 hours prior to check in payment has to be credited to account of

e) Operator accepts payments in cash and also non-cash ones (account transfer or terminal payments).

f) Bank account number: SK53 7500 0000 0040 2675 7085. (Swift code: CEKOSKBX )

g) Client is obliged to pay for accommodation and other services they used during the stay agreed prices as per price

h) If client reduces his agreed stay in resort, Operator has the right to charge full amount of agreed price for the entire length of agreed stay in resort from

i) In case that after deposit payment Operator shall cancel the stay, Operator shall return the already paid deposit back to client as per cancellation conditions, see Art. 6 of these

j) For accommodation client pays in advance refundable deposit of 100,00€. After proper check out of the accommodation and in case property has not been damaged and the accommodation is as written in the Term specified in Art. 5 of the General terms and conditions, the deposit will be returned to client upon his departure.

k) If Operator does not receive a payment for the stay on the due date or written statement about the change of due date, he shall cancel the reservation

5. Responsibility of client and Operator

a) Operator is not responsible for damage to belongings brought in and deposited by client on the premises and whole area of resort. Operator is not responsible for jewelery, money and other

b) Operator is not responsible for lost and forgotten belongings brought in and deposited by client on the premises and whole are of the resort. Found belongings will be sent to client upon his written request and in case client pays for total expenses . Found belongings are stored at reception for period of one

c) Operator is not responsible for any injuries during stay. In case of client´s illness or injury, operator shall provide necessary medical assistance or transport to the hospital if

d) Client should always act in a way that by his behaviour he does not threat his health or health of other clients/guests.

e) Client is responsible for all damages that he causes in full extent and he is obliged to pay the entire amount of damaged item without any further

f) In case of gross violation of accommodation conditions including vulgarities violence, inappropriate behaviour ,client may be asked to leave the premises immediately without any option of unused portion of his stay to be paid

g) In accommodation facility, on the premises of resort and in whole resort client may not relocate the operator´s devices without previous agreement of operator, nor make any changes, modifications or interventions to the facilities of operator.

h) In accommodation facility, on the other premises of operator and not even in area of resortclient may not use his own electrical appliances. The parent/responsible person is responsible for the safety and damage caused by the children in the accommodation facility or in other premises and the premises of the

i) Due to security reasons client is not entitled to leave children under the of 10 years without any supervision of adult person in accommodation facility,other premises and whole area of resort.

j) Client is not allowed to bring weapons or ammunition to resort premises or accommodation facilities.

k) From 23:00 to 6:00 (11pm-6am) client must strictly follow silent hours in accommodation facility and also in whole resort.

l) Pets are allowed only at an additional cost according to the valid price list in accommodation units Cottages Deluxe with sauna. Accommodation in the apartments is not possible. The dog can only move on the leash. The owner of the dog/responsible person is responsible for damages caused by the

m) In accommodation facilities of resort there is a strong ban on smoking and usage of any narcotic or psychotropic substances . There is 50,- EUR fee for breaking the rule . Smoking is only allowed in allocated

n) If the client is provided by Operator with parking space to park a client’s motor vehicle on the premises of resort, Operator is not responsible for the loss or any damage of motor vehicle of client and personal belongings located in that vehicle. Parking in the area is allowed only in designated areas!

o) Visits must be reported and recorded into guest book at the reception. Visits are required to leave the resort by 22.00 (10pm). In case of non-compliance to this regulation, visitors, eventually guests will be charged the amount as per one night according to current

p) According to Act.No.219/1996 Coll., staff is strictly restricted to sell and serve alcoholic beverages to persons younger than 18 years old and persons obviously already affected by alcohol.

q) Throughout the whole resort it is forbidden to create fireplaces, make a barbecue outside the reserved and marked area or manipulate with any fire.

r) Complaints and possible suggestions of clients to improve the activities of Operator will be accepted by responsible person at the reception in written

s) Upon arrival, the client is required to check the status of the accommodation unit and inventory according to the inventory list located in the accommodation unit. Any damage or irregularity is required to report at the reception

t) The client is obliged to close the water faucets, turn off electric lighting and other appliances (radio, TV, etc.) in the room and adjacent rooms when leaving the room and close the

u) Accommodation must be handed over in the state in which it was taken = without damage to the structures and equipment, inventory and equipment of the room in the same place and in the same number as on arrival, kitchen utensils washed, dry and stored in the appropriate place. In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, the operator reserves the right to an additional charge for services beyond the agreed limits. Additional service – washing and disposing of kitchenware or moving furniture to the original place is subject to a one-time fee of € 20. In the event of any damage to the inventory / accommodation, the client is required to report this situation at the reception prior to check-out.

v) Client is not allowed to bring his sport equipement to the room for which a place is

w) If a guest causes property damage to a resort, the Resort is entitled to financial compensation directly on site. The height will be specified on the basis of the price list freely available at the reception or on the basis of the purchase price. If the Resort and the guest do not agree immediately and voluntarily on the site, the operator has the right to appeal to the police

x) In case of breach the obligations and prohibitions stated in this Article of Terms/Accommodation Rules Operator is entitled to require from client to pay a contractual fine of 100€ for each individual breach of

6.Withdrawal, cancellation or change a date of order

a) Client has the right to withdraw from the contract at any time prior to the beginning of accommodation in written form delivered to Operator within 48 In case of any changes as it is number of people, adding any other services etc. can be made only after confirming of Operator.

b) General Cancellation Fees:

i. Cancellation 30-16 days prior to the first provided service » 20% of the prepaid deposit for agreed services, but not less than 15€.

ii. Cancellation 15-8 days prior to the first provided service » 50% of the prepaid deposit for agreed

iii. Cancellation 7-3 days prior to the first provided service » 70 % of the prepaid deposit for agreed services .

iv. Cancellation 2 and less days before arrival » 100% of the prepaid deposit for agreed services.

c) In case client provides replacement for his absence, cancellation fee will not be applied

d) Due to the current situation with Coronavirus pandemic client has the right to re-book a date of order without fee cancellation requested.

A date of order must be required latest 10 days before an arrival and only after confirming with Operator. Alternative dates can be chosen until 30th of June 2021 regarding of available capacity.

i. In case the rate of the first order is higher than the rate of the new order, amount of difference client can use for other services which Operator provides. Operator does not give a refund.

ii. In case the rate of the first order is lower than the rate of the new order, amount of difference client must pay following by Payment Policy

iii. Once the client chooses to re-book a date of order it does not have a right to change it again and must follow General Cancellation Fees

e) Operator shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract if:

i. an event of force majeure occurs or any other circumstances that Operator is not responsible for and they result into performance of contractual obligations to become impossible

ii. when booking the accommodation, client stated misleading or untrue data regarding the essential facts for the conclusion of the contract

iii. Operator reasonably believes that the use of his services could threat the everyday run of facility, safety of third persons or seriousness and reputation of Operator and whole resort

f) Upon termination of the contract by Operator, client is not entitled to severance, compensation or damage

7.Final provisions

a) If any provision of these Terms is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of remaining provisions of these Terms unless the importance of other circumstances relating to the invalid provision of these GCT means that the provision cannot be separated from remaining provisions of these Terms

b) These Terms and legal relationships arising thereunder are governed by the laws of Slovak Republic.

c) These Terms are valid and effective since 1 st April 2020.

By delivering and confirmation of reservation followed by payment of deposit for services client declares that he read Terms and agrees with the content.


Ing. Zuzana Hriňová

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