The PINUS restaurant is located close to Liptovský Mikuláš

Newly opened Pinus restaurant with quality and unforettable gastronomy

Do you prefer if someone else will take care of your breakfast, lunch or dinner so that you can spend the whole day relaxing on the ski slope or on the hiking trails in the lap of Liptov nature? You come tired and all day and cooking is the last thing you can think of? We will solve it for you. We invite you to the newly opened restaurant Pinus, which will surprise you with its tasty, gastronomic experiences and technologically interesting preparation of josper grill dishes from fresh and quality ingredients.

Naša reštaurácia PINUS je stále otvorená kedy si skvelé jedlo môžete vychutnať na rozsiahlej a vyhrievanej terase alebo priamo na Vašom apartmáne či chate.

The menu in the restaurant is created that everyone can find something for themselves. We prepare our classic dishes in a modern style. In special dishes our chefs combine a harmony of flavours, freshness and innovation resulting in a perfect gastronomic experience. The quality and freshness of the ingredients are the basis of our restaurant. We cooperate with local suppliers who supply us with the highest quality ingredients according to the season. We bake our own homemade sourdough bread and pastries, which will intensely enhance the taste of the dishes to which the pastry is served. In our restaurant we make homemade spaghetti from real Italian flour. We can offer you quality wines from Slovak producers, which occupy the leading positions in the world rankings and underline the taste of exceptional dishes in the Pinus restaurant.


Josper Grill

We use Josper Grill, which is an ideal combination of grill and oven. The distinctive aroma and taste of food prepared over hot charcoal cannot be compared to any other method of preparation. In this way, we most often prepare burgers, knees and steaks.


The Berkel slicing machine with a flywheel is a hand-held and very popular tool. We mostly use it for slicing Spanish, Italian and of course Slovak meat products.


A modern way of maturing selected Age Dry meat, thanks to which we try to satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding customers. Meat ripening is a process that is relatively unknown in Slovakia, but meat ripening is marked by an emphasis on its taste and tenderness. This is a process where the meat is protected by the so-called the “greasy coat” and bone and leaves in the refrigerator for several weeks. During this time, biochemical processes take place in the meat, in which the enzymes contained in the meat are converted into protein amino acids and part of the glycogen is converted into glucose. This makes the meat tastier.


In our restaurant, a rich breakfast full of quality products and dishes is prepared for guests every morning. For less than 15 people, a continental breakfast is prepared and for more than 15 people, there are self-service buffet tables.
Freshly ground quality coffee smells from the morning – the choice is Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino with chocolate, Moccacino… .
A selection of teas from hot drinks is also on offer. Carbonated and non-carbonated tap drinks from Postmix (Vinea, Top Topic, RC Cola, Orange juice, Apple juice) are also available.
There is a selection of quality salami, cold cuts, cheeses, fresh vegetables and fruits, several types of butter, spreads and salads to choose from. We supply the restaurant with fresh homemade pastries from our bakery Kriváň (salty, gluten-free, sweet pastries, but also fresh bread, baguettes, cakes…) Of course, we also have a gluten-free breakfast. The richness and quality of breakfast is complemented by muesli, hot and cold milk, but also lactose-free, almond, jams, nutella and honey. Not only for children, home-made baby food, semolina porridge, yoghurts, self-service pancakes are prepared, but also omelettes as experiential Live Cooking. Here you will find fine Liptov sausages with 95% meat content, quality sausages, roasted bacon or free-range eggs and bedding eggs, from which we cook scrambled eggs, omelette or fried egg, which you can supplement with beans in tomato sauce.


A rich four-course dinner awaits you. For less than 15 people, dinner is served only in the form of A´la Carte. For more than 15 people, dinner is served buffet style. There is always an appetizer, two types of soups, three types of meat food, one type of meatless food and pizza. Fresh desserts from our patisserie are also prepared every day.

Stylish, modern and irresistible restaurant

The restaurant is decorated in a modern style and offers you a pleasant sitting in an air-conditioned interior or outside, on the largest terrace in the Liptov region. From the terrace you have a pleasant view of the nearby BIO lake, where you can bath during hot summer days. Whether you choose the interior or a large terrace, large screens and pleasant, ambient music from quality speakers will accompany you to complete the experience. Finally, if you come with your family and are afraid that your children will be bored while meals are ready, you can play with them in a nearby children’s corner.

Congress room and outdoor large-capacity tent as a part of restaurant

In addition to the restaurant itself, Pinus offers the possibility of using a congress room and a large-capacity tent. The congress room can be used for different purposes with different capacity of seats. Congress facilities offer the following number of seats:
cinema seating
school seating
dining area
The congress room is technically fully equipped and covered with a strong WiFi connection, so you do not have to worry about problems with technology or work in the online environment. In addition, you can take advantage of our catering services and the excellent location of the congress room, which is right next to the Pinus restaurant. All you have to do is let us know the number of guests and the purpose for which you wish to use the room. We will be happy to help you with planning and decision-making.

Large-capacity tent with 210 seats

As a second extension of the Pinus premises, we offer you a multifunctional, large-capacity tent, which is ideal for congress meetings, weddings, teambuildings or parties. The capacity of the tent is 210 seats and there is also a gaming center where you can have fun after a day of work or after a long day. There is pinpong, air hockey, billiards, non-winning sports machines and for the little ones indoor children’s climbing frames. Everyone will find their own entertainment corner.

Take a look at the gallery and let yourself be drawn into the atmosphere of the Pinus restaurant

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