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Come relax your mind and body in the new wellness area at Demänová Resort.

There is nothing better than to relax in the wellness and recharge after a day’s hike or skiing. You can choose from a Finnish, steam and infrared sauna with cooling tub, relaxation room and outdoor hot tub with amazing views. There is also a professional massage where your body relaxes enough. Part of the wellness is also a full-fledged fitness center, which inherently belongs to an active and healthy style. There are cardio machines and equipment as well as fitness machines and weights that will satisfy not one active athlete.


Open from 15:00 – 22:00


Email: wellness@demanovarezort.sk

Phone: +421 44 3241 528

Mobile phone: +421 907 323 444

Dry Finnish sauna:


  • an ideal means of enhancing immunity
  • highly effective disease prevention
  • there is a significant blood supply to the skin
  • it affects the body organs and processes in the human body

Steam sauna:

  • ideal for after-treatment of airway inflammation
  • While in the sauna, unwanted substances are washed out
  • it also benefits acne or skin allergies
  • supportive agent for breathing difficulties

Infra sauna:

  • increases the elasticity of skin tissues
  • reduces joint stiffness and muscle tension
  • adjusts blood pressure
  • increases blood flow
  • positively affects the treatment of skin diseases

Ice shower:

  • alternation of heat and cold has a significant effect on strengthening immunity
  • more oxygen-rich blood gets into the tissues
  • long-term hardening rejuvenates the skin
  • improves mood
  • relieves stress
  • improves the quality of sleep

Whirpool, cooling bath:

  • whirlpool:
    • regular use releases musculoskeletal pain and triggers healing processes in the body
    • metabolism is encouraged
    • it releases tension and stress
    • overall immunity of the organism is increased
    • Full body massage with a jet of water in the whirlpool improves blood circulation
    • strengthens the cardiovascular system
    • Firms the tendons and tendons
    • beneficial effect on cellulite removal
  • Cooling bath:
    • strong influence on strengthening immunity
    • improves mood
    • relieves stress
    • improves the quality of sleep
    • more oxygen-rich blood gets into the tissues

Tepidarium, Kneipp bath:

  • room for rest and relaxation
  • relax on deckchairs wrapped in dry sail
  • the heart rate slows
  • body temperature has stabilized
  • there is a metabolic balance in the body
Kneipp bath:
  • stimulating blood circulation
  • alternating heating and cooling of legs with water leads to dilation of blood vessels and improvement of blood circulation
  • a two-chamber anti-corrosion pool is used (hot water 40-50 ° C, cold water 10-16 ° C)
  • the bottom of the chambers is formed by a structured surface that positively irritates the reflex zones of the foot

Exclusive massages and wraps:

Treat yourself to unique, exclusive treatments with excellent massages. Exclusive procedure and products with active substances that start your body.
  • Classical massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Foot massage
  • Face and décolletage massage
  • Special massages
  • Massage for children
  • Honey massage
  • Chocolate massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Myofascial massage
  • cupping
  • aromatherapy
  • honey detoxifying
  • nourishing chocolate
  • warming cinnamon
  • cooling mint
  • refreshing coffee
  • cooling mint
  • warming cinnamon
  • detoxifying honey

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